Bed Bug Eradication Heater

How It Works

Why does heat remediation work effectively? Even bedbugs that have become resistant to chemicals cannot survive extreme heat. Whether your space is commercial or residential, your room will be prepped by our technicians and once the heating units are placed, the room temperature is raised above 130 degrees for over three hours.

The temperature in the room is monitored at various points in real time to ensure that all points in the room reach the maximum level for eradication effectiveness.

With heat remediation, there is no loss to furniture, bedding, linens, carpeting, or baseboards. Because we can treat the room in one day, our clients can get their rooms back into service, saving loss of revenue.

Speed Is Important

Most other companies claiming they use heat to kill bed bugs are using smaller units which take too long to heat the area. The problem is that bed bugs leave the area temporarily if the heating is too gradual and end up coming back. Our units are top-of-the-line — they heat fast so bed bugs don’t have time to get out before it’s too late.

Back in your home or room in same day.

We Offer The Longest Warranty In The Industry!

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