Great For Hospitality & Cabin Rental Companies

Canine Bed Bug Detection

Taylor searches a room during an inspection. Bedbugs give off an odor that he is trained to detect.

Our unique Bed Bug Protection Plan is great for hospitality and cabin rental companies.  It works almost like insurance.  You pay a flat monthly fee, each room is inspected on a quarterly basis by our specialized canine detectors, and you won’t pay extra for eradication if we find bed bugs in one of your units.

This can be a huge cost savings!

Use The Protection Plan To Keep Your Rooms Full

As the bed bug epidemic grows you are going to have more and more people ask you about your bed bug action plan.  Without regular inspections, you may be losing business because of people who are wary of bed bugs.  If you are on the plan, you can confidently answer bed bug questions from prospective customers and you might even want to use the protection plan in your promotional materials, so you and your customers can sleep good at night!

Back in your home or room in same day.

We are insured up to $2 Million and offer the longest warranty in the industry!

Use the contact form below to inquire about our protection plan and one of our team members will be back in touch as soon as possible.