Bed Bug Travel Tips

Photo by David Haines / Flickr

Before traveling:

  1. Check the bedbug registry for your stay.

Once arriving to your destination:

  1. Conduct an inspection of the hotel, condo, house, cabin or etc.
  2. Do not take any of belongings into the hotel room.
  3. Inspect by minimum movement of your room with a flashlight by first looking at sheets, seams around mattress & box springs
  4. Slide mattress away about 1 foot from headboard and examine for insects, blood stains, or black specs (eggs/fecal).
  5. Remove headboard and look behind it.
  6. Inspect furniture and nightstands.

Arriving back home:

  1. Do not bring your luggage or any belongings into your home.
  2. Leave your luggage on your porch or somewhere other than the inside of your home.
  3. Take the clothes that you are wearing and the ones in your suite case directly to your washing machine. Do not place your clothes in your laundry room…straight to the washer and dryer.
  4. Leave your suite case in large trash bag tied up in the sun for several days if possible.

These tips could prevent an outbreak of bedbug infestation!